Month: February 2024

A Guide to Prepping Your Legacy Living Home for Overnight Guests

Welcoming guests into your Legacy Living home for rent is an opportunity to showcase your hospitality and create memorable experiences. Whether it’s family, friends, or colleagues, preparing your space for overnight guests ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Fresh Linens and Bedding Start by ensuring your guest bedroom is equipped with fresh, high-quality linens and

Elevate Your Legacy Living Experience: Top Home Scents for 2024

Creating a welcoming and comforting atmosphere at home is essential for a flawless lifestyle at our Owasso homes. From invigorating aromas to soothing fragrances, these scents are curated to enhance your Legacy Living experience. Citrus Burst Start your day with a burst of energy by introducing citrus scents into your home. Whether it’s zesty lemon,